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1. Broken and new dentures

When You Need New dentures, Think of Guardian Dental Care

Dentures are false teeth that are placed inside the mouth to replace fallen or removed teeth. Dentures can be a complete set or a partial set and can also be created to replace a few missing teeth in a specific area within the mouth. The purpose of dentures is both for cosmetic enhancement and functional use. We at Guardian Dental Care provide all sorts of services related to dentures. Patients come to us to get new dentures made or to have their old ones repaired or refitted.

Prosthetic fractures or dentures breaking in half can be a difficult experience for the wearer because dentures give them the ability to speak, chew and eat normally. This is more common with the upper set than the lower ones. Breakage of dentures can also be an embarrassing fact if one has a social gathering or a public appearance due, which we understand and attempt to deliver the repaired or new dentures as soon as we can.

Whether the denture can be repaired or new ones have to be made completely depends on the extent of the break and its cause. Sometimes small and unimportant breakages in dentures may be fixed at home with a denture repair kit. These can be easily found at most local medicine stores. They are meant for emergency repair and are not to be used for long term fixes. Sometimes at the clinic we may be able to repair your denture in one visit only. In other cases, it may need to be sent back to the dental lab. If the latter case is true then our dentists will discuss with you your options at this point.

Not just broken dentures, but ill-fitting ones or malaligned dentures which may have fallen from one’s hand and altered their shape on impact can be realigned or fixed by the dentists. Fixing denture to implants can be a good way of avoiding removal and hence reduces the risk of denture breakage. Also, bone loss is associated with repeated denture wearing and making them a permanent fixture in the mouth may be a good way to prevent this.

The Essentiality of Dentures

Dentures are false teeth that are placed inside the mouth to replace fallen or removed teeth. Dentures can be a complete set or a partial set- upper jaw teeth or lower jaw teeth and can also be created to replace a few missing teeth in a specific area within the mouth.

The purpose of dentures is for both cosmetic enhancement and functional use.

  • Wearing dentures makes a person’s smile look much better than with teeth missing. It does great things to one’s confidence levels./li>
  • The structure of the mouth, the shape of the lips and the tone of the cheeks are maintained when wearing dentures.
  • Functionally speaking, one can continue eating foods that require chewing without any hindrance while wearing dentures.
  • For those who have dental infections and have had to have one or more teeth removed, dentures can be a good solution to fight oral pain and discomfort.

Earlier, dentures were made of plastic but now they are made of resin. This material is better at being moulded and a different variety of the resin is used to create the gum area of the dentures. A normal set of dentures last around three to five years and needs to be kept with care.

Dentures can be partial (accounting for a few teeth to build a dental bridge) or a full set. Immediate dentures are temporary dentures that are fitted in just after the tooth extraction process. These stay in only for the healing period, which can be up to 6 months, after which they are removed to make place for permanent dentures. Dentures are also placed over implants, if there is adequate bone structure. These dentures that are placed over implants give the best stability and can last longer, if maintained well.

Like normal teeth, dentures also require regular cleaning to prevent plaque build up. The best way to clean dentures is to take them out, run clear water over them to wash thoroughly and then brush them with a dental cleaner and a soft toothbrush. It is recommended that dentures be removed every night while sleeping to allow the gums some time to relax. The dentures should be soaked in warm water to prevent them from drying.

Have immediate dentures from Guardian Dental Care

Complete or partial dentures that are inserted on the same day as the extraction of natural teeth are called immediate dentures. Immediate dentures for the tooth/teeth that are to be extracted are made prior to the extraction procedure and the new dentures are fitted once the teeth have been pulled. We at Guardian Dental Care provide immediate denture services.

When extraction has to be done for full clearance or many teeth are indicated for extraction, it is very inconvenient to live without teeth while permanent dentures are being made, which may take weeks or months. It may be necessary to have an immediate denture processed because the dentures are put in immediately after dental extraction and the gums and tissues in the mouth will heal around them.

The most important advantage of having immediate dentures put in are

  • Both before and after the procedure of teeth extraction at no time is the patient seen without teeth.
  • The shape, arrangement, colour and placement of the natural teeth in the mouth are retained in case of immediate dentures as these are moulded just before extraction.
  • These act as a staunching agent to protect dental tissues and reduce bleeding as they are put in right after extraction.
  • Speaking changes after a full dental extraction. Having immediate dentures put in help to adjust to the new feel easily.
  • The difficulty of chewing without teeth is completely eliminated as the patient leaves home with their own teeth and comes back from the procedure with new dentures.
  • At no time is the shape of their mouth, cheeks and lips compromised for the lack of a supporting dental structure inside.

The disadvantages of immediate dentures include:

  • These dentures are slightly expensive than their counterparts which take days and weeks to get ready in the dental lab.
  • There is no scope for the patient to check how the dentures look between moulding and placement into the mouth.
  • The fit of an immediate denture is not as accurate as a permanent denture because the permanent ones are fitted after healing occurs which may take six to eight weeks.